I am not in any Tibetan religious but I am fascinated with the colorful necklace, below are some of my favorite which I chose to design color arrangement. It brighten up my simple plain clothing.

I was told to use toothpaste to polish the silver it look like crystal glitter

Turquoise (綠松石 Lǜ sōngshí) and 南红玛瑙 (Southern Red Agate -Onyx, chemical element SiO2) 七宝中的赤珠(真珠) it taken out mixed design to this one.  Lao Tian zhu (
天珠(藏文:གཟི།,威利:gzi)是产自西藏一种珠宝)  西藏先民认为,老天珠是神创造的超自然之物,是自然生成的或天降下来的

南红玛瑙 :-

赤玉,赤琼。古玉的称谓,在佛教传入中国后,改称“玛瑙” 南红玛瑙在古代被认为是重要的药材,以之入药可养心养血

This is a Tibetan Hong Zhu Sha 红株砂 mix with Turquoise and silver 925
Tibetan Necklace Ethnic Boho Pendant Turquoise Coral Lapis Tribal Handmade Nepal, I have made the length longer with amber coral n Turquoise

925 silver added the red beat

925 silver Tibetan necklace before change design. look like "pearl"