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Love for Israel and acknowledge Scripture Custodian right of Jewish people

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Israel the future place where Heaven will come down to earth where all of HIS Bride will meet. IF anyone is against Israel---you are against the apple of G-d's are against G-d!

The Torah was first given to the Jewish people, a people set apart as HIS chosen, HIS first born--custodians of HIS Word to preserve, to adhere to by following HIS precepts, to teach and share to the entire world for all generations to come. Imagine G-d's loving kindness (Chesed) to his firstborn---then how much more HE has for those of us Gentiles (nations) that would humble himself and follow what he has asked you to do.

Those that struggle with doctrine and what they have learned in many denominations--ask G-d with a pure heart, "Is what I have been taught all wrong?" and I mean ask with a true, pure heart. Am I really following what G-d has given me in HIS word? He will answer a humble, pure heart with loving kindness. HE is a G-d of truth not one to lie. You have to be willing to receive the truth..." target="_blank">


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I have completed the First Fruits of Zion HaYesod via online : THE SABBATH

Here is an admittedly peculiar custom associated with the Sabbath that give us a glimpse into the prophetic nature of the day of rest. What are some meaningful customs you have adopted into your sabbath keeping? Learn more about this study on the Sabbath at:

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I have completed HAYESOD : THE FOUNDATION" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">HaYesod Community forum

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The scripture 2009 available on Esword

Posted by Khasrani on August 18, 2016 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (1)

The Scriptures 2009

Copyright © 1993-2015 by the Institute for Scripture Research (ISR). All rights reserved.

This version is available in E-sword, for download free, , the previous version 1998 also available download compare the different. I use it for person reference, to learn the Hebrew meaning. 

it was available on starting 17 June 2016

How to download

open the Esword on menu bar DOWNLOAD ---> Bible select THE SCRIPTURE 2009 

top menu Downoad --- > start

Those who are sensitive to sacred name then do not bother to download

Jewish Messiah

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Find the reason why the Brit Chadashah (the New Testament) is a Jewish book and why Yeshua HaNotzri (Yeshua from Natzeret) is the Jewish Messiah from a Haredi Jew who live in Israel.

Find the reason why Messianic Judaism is the authentic Judaism.


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Getting realistic about "tongues"

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Found this site about Speaking tongues

Getting realistic about "tongues"

Well, first of all, NOTHING in Scripture tells us we aren't "saved UNLESS we speak in "tongues." NOTHING! Secondly, this guy - by suggesting "the Lord" supposedly gave him the scriptures and dialogue to tell us these things - took the Lord's Name in vain! (Exodus 20:7) "The Lord" would NEVER tell you to pass on information that cannot be verified in Scripture................

Our question to all those tongue-talking types who insist one cannot be "saved" unless one has received the Holy Spirit through the evidence of speaking in tongues is this:


Since you believe you are so much "better" and "holier" than those of us who have never received the "gift of tongues" - then WHY has YOUR "Holy Spirit" never told you to be TORAH OBSERVANT? Belonging to YHWH is all about obedience to His "forever" commands!

Also see another site

Untying the Tongue Tied.

If the christian imagine themselves speaking tongues of angels which is not Hebrew Language or Holy tongue then what kind of spirit is it? We have learn that all must be base or found in Torah. Tongues relates back to Torah on the Shavuot the 70 languages at mount sinai, it was said that the nation was ask if they would accept the Torah they rejected it only Israel says will do and listen, they literally saw sound. In the New Testament on feast of Shavuot or Pentecost we were told that the believers in Mount Zion receives tongues of fire (Holy Spirit) that they are able to speak many unlearned language of the nations outreach to nations.

Animistic soul Nefesh and Spiritual soul Neshama

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I learn something from Judaism point of view with regards to Animal soul and Human soul

The great kabbalists explain that all living things – human and animal – have souls.

However, not all souls are created equal. As described in Genesis 2:7, every human being has both a "nefesh" and a "neshama."

The nefesh is defined as an animal soul – the life force, the instinctual, animalistic drives.

The neshama, in contrast, is a purely spiritual component, a divine spark which distinguishes man from animal.

This is the part of us which yearns for spirituality and closeness to God. 

Humans and animals all engage in emotional responses such as love, fear, loyalty, imagination, memory, intelligence, etc. We run from danger, have survival instincts, and are driven to procreate..

Sad :( can't join my birthday twin boys

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Feel :( sad cannot join my twin boys in JB for their birthday bonding. WORKING ! :/

My New Personal website

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I have got my new Personal website

This fair easy to create web page, it has all preset tools you need. 

Do not need to know how html codes.

unlike my the other domain Messianic Torah truth seeker, where I need to know how edit using html codes

design graphics, tables, etc

knowing javascript writing  with be an advantage

Assembly Bible Camp

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Looking forward next week Bible camp with my hubby :)